Angel City Football Club

Angel City Football Club

Angel City FC is a National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) team based in Los Angeles, California, it transcends traditional football norms, making waves not only through its players’ athleticism, but also through its initiatives. The FC’s impact philosophy is at the core of its initiatives: building, deep, authentic, long-term relationships in the community to create impact in equity, education and more.

Charlotte’s Web is a Team Partner of Angel City FC

“Angel City FC is comprised of humans who fearlessly breakdown barriers, raise the bar and create positive change in their community. We understand the pressures of pioneering change in an industry and are proud to not only be a partner but stand beside them as they continue to make waves.”– Rita Fountain, Senior Partnerships Manager, Charlotte’s Web

From the get-go, Angel City was not just another football club. Founded by a star-studded ensemble of actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs including Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria, and Serena Williams, its inception marked a departure from the traditional pathways of club ownership. This group of powerful women pledged to disrupt the norms by not only elevating women’s soccer but also by reshaping the discourse surrounding women in sports. 

A Commitment to Equality 

At the heart of Angel City’s ethos is an unyielding commitment to equality. The club has become a frontrunner in addressing the gender pay gap, a pervasive issue in sports. Angel City has pioneered initiatives to ensure that female athletes are compensated fairly, fostering a culture where talent is rewarded irrespective of gender. The club’s mission transcends beyond the boundaries of the pitch, aiming to foster wider societal change by spotlighting gender disparities and pushing for equity. 

Community Engagement  

One of the significant differentiators of ACFC is its deep-rooted connection with the community. Since its inception, the club has embarked on several community engagement initiatives aimed at nurturing local talents, encouraging young girls to take up the sport, and fostering a love for soccer within the community. Angel City firmly believes in giving back, and its numerous partnerships with local organizations attest to this commitment. 

A Sustainable Future 

Angel City has also made headlines for its trailblazing efforts in promoting sustainability. Understanding the profound impact of sports on the environment, the club has initiated measures to mitigate its carbon footprint, introducing eco-friendly practices in its operations. From sustainable stadiums to partnerships with environmental organizations, Angel City is steering the path for a greener future in sports. 

A Magnet for Talent 

The Angel City roster is nothing short of a powerhouse of talent. Drawing seasoned professionals and budding stars alike, the club has managed to assemble a beautiful showcase of experience and youthful zest. This blend has seen the club swiftly rise through the ranks, garnering a loyal and expanding fan base. 


In its relatively short existence, Angel City has become much more than a football club. It stands as a beacon of empowerment, a proponent for equality, and a harbinger of a sustainable future in sports. Through its ground-breaking initiatives and an unyielding spirit to revolutionize women’s soccer, Angel City is not just playing to win matches but to win hearts and effect lasting change. 
As the club continues to carve its legacy, it beckons every individual to join this incredible journey – a journey where the lines between sports and societal change blur, where every goal scored is a victory for equality, and where the game is a catalyst for building a more inclusive and equitable world. 
Stay tuned to witness history in the making, as Angel City FC reshapes the landscape of women’s soccer, one goal at a time.