The Beginner’s Guide to CBD Pills

The Beginner’s Guide to CBD Pills
Dr. Jen Palmer, ND

Medically reviewed by Dr. Jen Palmer, ND -  Naturopathic Doctor


As CBD continues to rise in popularity, more and more people are adding it to their daily wellness routines. Should you be one of them? How might you benefit from CBD?

Before we answer those questions, let us first ask a simpler one: which CBD product is right for you? Hemp extract comes in many different sizes and forms, but not all hemp extract was created equal. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on highlighting CBD pills.

What Are CBD Pills?

First things first, what are CBD pills? Also called CBD capsules at Charlotte’s Web, CBD pills offer a very simple way to venture into the world of hemp extract. When life gets busy, our capsules make it easy to add Charlotte’s Web™ CBD and other naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids to your wellness routine. They go where you go, delivering a precise serving every time.

Our liquid capsules offer clean ingredients and simple formulas. They’re completely vegan, inside and out, and use no excipients or processing aids. The only ingredients inside are Charlotte’s Web™ full-spectrum hemp extract and organic extra virgin olive oil. That’s it.

Okay, so what do CBD pills do? What are CBD pills good for? As we’ll get into below, there are a few potential benefits to be added to your daily routine.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Pills?

Now that you have a prime example of what they are, what are the benefits of CBD pills? Are CBD pills good for sleep? Are CBD pills good for occasional anxiety and stress? Are CBD pills good for exercise-induced inflammation?

To help answer those, our premium hemp extract is designed to help:

  • Support a sense of calm for focus*
  • Manage everyday stresses*
  • Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*
  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles*

Like our CBD oils, Charlotte’s Web™ CBD Capsules offer a full spectrum cannabinoid extract with CBD and other cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. We believe that using the entire plant maximizes benefits delivered throughout the body and supplies additional wellness components, which is why we make sure to give our customers as much of Mother Nature’s goodness as we can.

How Do CBD Pills Make You Feel?

Upon developing a better understanding of what CBD pills are for, the next question you might ask is how do CBD pills make you feel?

The most accurate answer to that question is: it depends. Meaning, it depends on what your body needs. Each body is different, so everybody will have a different response. Since hemp extract with cannabinoids works with the body’s internal Endocannabinoid System to maintain good health, the effect is personalized based on what you have going on internally.

That being said, quite a few people mention a feeling of relaxation, while others note that hemp extract helps them feel focused.* However, the best way to find out how CBD will work for you is to try it for yourself!

Where to Buy CBD Pills

Designed to support those with demanding lifestyles, our CBD liquid capsules offer easy, consistent servings of Charlotte’s Web™ hemp extract that run as hard as you do. We offer ours in two different concentrations, 15mg and 25mg, which you can find online here.

For best results when taking CBD pills (as with all forms of CBD), consistency is key. Take CBD capsules regularly, preferably at the same time every day. Furthermore, it is recommended that you store them at room temperature away from light.

We hope this short guide was helpful in terms of demystifying CBD pills and how they can potentially support you and your CBD wellness routine. For more on hemp extract, check out our blog.