Charlotte Figi: The Girl Who Changed the World

Charlotte Figi: The Girl Who Changed the World

Charlotte’s influence cannot be understated. Her impact extends far beyond the company that was named for her; it has truly spread across the world.    

By the courageous act of living, Charlotte changed lives, expanded hope and shattered expectations. In her short life, she grew, protected by love and demanding that the world witness her suffering so that they might find a solution. 

Charlotte's experience became a shared experience. The light she held up for the world to see — that a plant compound could drastically change her life and the lives of thousands of others —changed laws in almost every single state legislature, helped establish two meaningful national farm bills that changed access to hemp for all Americans, and continues to shine on the lives of thousands worldwide.

The journey started when Charlotte’s mother, Paige Figi met one of our founders, and Charlotte, with written permission from her pediatrician, first used the extract from our founders (now called Charlotte’s Web Original Formula).  Word spread to Heather Jackson and gave the formula to her son, Zaki, who became the second child to benefit from the hemp extract. In August 2013: CNN’s Weed 1 airs (read article, watch video) telling the story of Charlotte and her response to the full-spectrum hemp extract. As word spread, in 2013 our founders, Paige Figi and Heather Jackson founded the nonprofit Realm of Caring to ensure all families had support as they began using the hemp extract.     

In March 2014 CNN's Weed 2 airs (watch video) following up on Charlotte’s story and showing that there are so many other people like Charlotte.  By the end of 2014, there is a list that has grown to 15,000 families waiting for bottles of our founder's Original Formula.  And in this whole time, from 2012 to 2015, Charlotte’s Web founders, employees and those at the Realm of Caring help 500+ families move to CO to access CBD. (“We stopped counting at 500,” - per Heather Jackson.) Those families are known as the Colorado Refugees—families seeking options that were only available in Colorado at the time.

In April 2020 Charlotte Figi passes away and is mourned and honored by all who knew her including her family, friends, and Charlotte’s Web founders and employees. She is honored on CNN by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (watch video).

April 7th is Charlotte Figi Day in Colorado, decreed by Governor Jared Polis two weeks after Charlotte’s passing in 2020. As we pause to remember her light, we stand in awe of how far reaching her impact has been.  

With Charlotte as our namesake and guiding light, we are compelled to do more for more people. In recognition of Charlotte’s impact, we created the Charlotte Figi Family Grant Program. Ten family grants were awarded in 2022 on the ten-year anniversary of our founders providing their full spectrum hemp extract to Charlotte Figi after her pediatrician supplied written permission. Each year on Charlotte Figi Day, we increase the number of grants by one annually. Each family receives a year’s supply of Charlotte’s Web product to support their overall health and wellness. 2024 is the third year for the program, and we are awarding 12 families this year. 

This year’s granted family was selected by the nonprofit Realm of Caring based on families with the greatest need from across the country.

Realm of Caring was created to illuminate the path for others. The charitable foundation still leads the way in Cannabis Research, Education, and Support—for all. Their care professionals serve thousands of inquiries each year about cannabinoids, with clients in 68 countries. Their clients are anywhere from infancy to 75+ years in age.

We believe passionately in the Realm of Caring’s mission and continue to support them in their mission to improve lives.  We have donated over $3 million dollars since 2018 in addition to product donations to support the light they bring to thousands around the world. 

Working together with our charitable partners at the Realm of Caring and other charities, we work to serve the needs of our community. Since 2018 we’ve given over $3 million dollars to our other charitable partners, including: Women's Bean Project and support many others with product donations: The Adaptive Training Foundation; High Fives Foundation; Freedom Service Dogs; Garden to Table (Boulder); Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado and Wyoming. And we keep adding more to our list of partners like Grunt Style Foundation, Irreverent Warriors, Hero Grown, Revital Colorado, and STEM Generation.

Charlotte rose every day, awakening others with her courage, and with that smile that infected your spirit at the cellular level. What began as her story, became the shared story of hundreds of thousands, and the inspiration of many millions more in the journey of their betterment. Charlotte was and will be, the heartbeat of our passion, and the conviction that the dignity and health of a human being is their right. 

Read more about Charlotte Figi's impact at Realm of Caring.