How to Reduce Muscle Aches and Soreness

How to Reduce Muscle Aches and Soreness
Dr. Jen Palmer, ND

Medically reviewed by Dr. Jen Palmer, ND -  Naturopathic Doctor


Virtually all physicians would agree that regular exercise is imperative for the health of your body and mind but working out often leads to sore muscles and achy joints. The culprit that causes these unpleasant sensations is inflammation.

There are several methods of reducing inflammation, like ice and stretching, but did you know that CBD can help in recovery from exercise-induced inflammation as well? 

Read on to learn more about how combining CBD oils, gummies, and OTC topicals featuring pain-relieving active ingredients like menthol and camphor with conventional methods of post-exercise recovery, like ice and stretching, can reduce your recovery times and get you back to doing what you love faster:

What Are the Best Conventional Methods to Reduce Muscle Soreness?

If you want to get the most out of a lift, run, or any exercise for that matter, then you’ll need to spend time recovering to maximize your results the next time around. Recovery is as important to progress as hard work, so let's go over some conventional ways to help muscles and joints recover post-workout.


One of the most popular ways to reduce soreness and muscle ache after exercise is stretching. As exercise requires the repeated contractions of muscle fibers, stretching after exercise prevents muscles from staying in a tight or contracted state. Tight muscles can often be a source of muscle and joint pain and lead to injury if not properly addressed.

Foam Rolling

Another popular method of recovering after exercise is foam rolling. Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release (SMR), is the use of a tube made of foam, braced against the weight of the body while rolling along with muscle groups. This rolling action softens the fascia, a tough connective tissue in muscles, which can become inflamed after a tough workout or constant use. After constant contraction of a muscle group during exercise, the muscle’s fascia can stiffen. Foam rolling will keep this important connective tissue from becoming rigid and inflamed.


Applying ice to sore joints or muscles after a workout can also help reduce inflammation and pain. When blood vessels are exposed to cold temperatures, they contract causing blood flow to restrict in that area. Less blood flow allows the swelling to ease and the pain to decrease. Adding ice to a recovery regimen is a time-honored way of keeping joints and muscles ready for the next workout.

How does CBDMEDIC™ Help Reduce Muscle Soreness?

If the traditional methods of workout recovery still leave you feeling sore or tender after a workout, then it might be a good idea to learn how CBDMEDIC™ can help reduce muscle aches after a workout. CBDMEDIC™ can provide an additional boost when recuperating after a workout. Here are some ways to incorporate CBDMEDIC™ into your workout routine and recovery regimen:

CBDMEDIC™ for Muscle Pain Relief

Topicals like our CBDMEDIC™ line of products are an outstanding way to decrease muscle and joint soreness after a workout. These topicals include menthol and camphor which are natural active ingredients that help to temporarily reduce minor muscle pain when applied. Also, the mere action of massaging these ointments into the muscles and joints will provide temporary relief as well.

Remember when we mentioned foam-rolling and myofascial release earlier? Massaging into affected areas has a similar effect. Rubbing the ointments in will soften the fascia in the muscles much like a foam roller would, with the additional benefit of temporary pain relief from the active ingredients like menthol and camphor.

CBD Gummies for Exercise-Induced Inflammation*

Another option that can stave off exercise-induced inflammation is a proactive one. Taking CBD gummies infused with turmeric and ginger will reduce the body's natural inflammatory tendencies. If you can naturally support a healthy inflammatory response prior to a workout, then you should experience less inflammation afterward, even with the same level of exertion. For someone looking to push themselves and still feel great afterward, a few CBD gummies prior to working out is a smart choice.

CBD Gummies for Sleep*

One of the most important aspects of recovery is sleep. During deep sleep, the body goes to work on damaged muscles and begins the repair and growth process. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, or, the right kind of sleep, then your workouts can leave you sore for days.

Using CBD gummies infused with melatonin can help you get the best rest possible, so you feel refreshed and ready for another tough day in the gym. In addition to muscle recovery, sleep is important for mental sharpness and mood stability. With a focused mind and the right attitude, you can be at your best during your workouts.

Combining CBDMEDIC™ With a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise is a crucial component for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but working out isn’t always easy. While it's obvious that recovery is an important part of any exercise regimen, what might not be obvious is how to go about it. Combining CBDMEDIC™ applied topically along with conventional methods of recovery, like foam rolling, stretching, and icing, can introduce you to a new world of recovery, one with less discomfort and downtime.

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