Improving Lives: Real CBD Success Stories from Our Customers

Improving Lives: Real CBD Success Stories from Our Customers

We're excited to share a collection of inspiring CBD success stories from our valued customers who have experienced the transformative power of hemp extract. These CBD product reviews highlight the diverse benefits of our products. Often people are their own personal journeys of wellness, and their success stories commonly resonate with many. Whether you're seeking support, wellness, or simply curious about the potential of full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, these stories provide a glimpse into the real-life impacts of integrating CBD into daily health routines. Join us as we explore the positive changes and supportive effects that CBD has brought into the lives of individuals, empowering them towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. 

CBD Success Stories for Organic 60mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 

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Can’t live without it.  
I found my sweet spot, 9 drops right at bedtime, allows me to sleep through the night without the dreaded 4 am wake-up.
- Review by Yasmeen H. on 16 Feb 2024 

Sleep help 
Like a lot of people over 40, I often suffer from wakefulness in the middle of the night, usually around 3 a.m. A squirt of Charlotte's Web original oil under my tongue at bedtime, though, and it's sweet dreams all night long!
- Review by Jamie S. on 9 Feb 2024

Excellent product 
This item stands out from competitors from the pleasant taste and smooth consistency. A single dropper is effective for relaxing the body as well as assisting in well-rested slumber.
- Review by Lori H. on 2 Feb 2024  

Good stuff 
I switched to CW after another lesser named brand and wow, there is a big difference, and both concentrations are the same.
- Review by Jay S. on 6 Jan 2024 

Excellent product 
I have been using CBD from Charlotte's Web for quite some time. I have tried different brands which are good but not excellent. I will continue to order my CBD from Charlotte's web.
- Review by Beata S. on 29 Jan 2024

Well done! 
I find this CBD oil helps me sleep. My subscription is easy and also very reliable. Great customer service. - Review by Jackie T. on 18 Nov 2024 

Amazing product 
I love your cbd oils. They work great for sore muscles.
- Review by Charles V. on 29 Oct 2023 

Amazing relief 
And Amazing relief. Feeling much calmer and more present in the moment. More focus and energy for my daily tasks.
- Review by Robin K. on 14 Oct 2023 

CBD Success Stories for Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Sleep Gummies

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Finally, a good night's sleep! 
It has been a very long time since I had A good night's sleep until I found Charlotte's Web CBD Sleep gummies. Thank you!
- Review by Donna D. on 20 Feb 2024 

Exactly what I needed 
This product helps me ease into a deep sleep without feeling drowsy when I wake up. I wake up feeling like I had 2 nights sleeping. My body feels refreshed and I don't wake up in the middle of the night.
- Review by James S. on 19 Feb 2024

Welcome sleep 
I have tried melatonin gummies but these CBD gummies are awesome. Taste great, soft to chew and I do not wake up groggy the next day.
- Review by Carol C. on 17 Feb 2024 

The Best For Me  
I've tried lots of remedies, supplements, etc. in reference to trying to get a good night sleep. Before trying these gummies, I only slept four hours a night. I was exhausted. Now, that I'm taking these gummies, I'm getting about 7 hours of sleep a night. Now, I have a lot more energy during the daytime. I will continue taking the SLEEP Gummies.
- Review by Pamela L. on 16 Feb 2024 

I fall asleep quickly! 
I’ve had trouble for years falling asleep. Now, I take 2 gummies and I’m usually asleep within 20-30 minutes and if I have to get up to use the restroom, I go quickly back to sleep. I love this product!
- Review by Susan C. on 14 Feb 2024 

Didn’t Think This Would Work 
I’d used natural sleep aids before and one of my ‘go to’ supplements stopped making it. I decided to give this a try. But I scoffed that melatonin and CBD would be effective. I was wrong. This has been a game changer. I take it and literally 30 min later I am sleepy and crash. Love this. I’m more than a month in and seeing a massive improvement in sleep quality!
- Review by James P. on 5 Feb 2024 

CBD Success Stories for Original Formula Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

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Loving your original formula. It helps with relaxing and calmness. Well done.
- Review by James K. on 29 Sep 2023 

Great stuff! 
This’s the best calming oil I have ever used!
- Review by Maria B. on 9 May 2023 

Sound Sleep and Overall Well-being 
I take this at bedtime, I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and have an overall feeling of physical and mental well-being all day.
- Review by Kevin P. on 30 Apr 2023 

Love it. 
Love it. 65 yrs old keeps me balanced & active.
- Review by Ralph M. on 11 Mar 2023 

100% approval 
I have been using the original formula for over three years. I highly recommend it.
- Review by Julia H. on 30 Dec 2022 

My son's Dr. actually recommended these products specifically from this notable website. Good reputation in the field.
- Review by Michael M. on 25 Dec 2022 

World's best CBD 
Charlotte’s Web is absolutely hands-down the best CBD on the market. I have been using their products for about three years now and it has been a lifesaver mainly for my sleep. It helps so many different areas in your body and life thank you Charlotte’s Web you guys rock.
- Review by Scott F. on 10 Mar 2022 

Original Formula 
I have been using Charlotte’s Web for years, and to be quite honest it’s the only CBD product I use. I’ve tried others, isolate, distillate and it doesn’t compare. I will keep using what works, Charlotte’s Web Original strength.
- Review by Marty G. on 10 Jan 2022 

CBD Success Stories for 25mg CBD Capsules with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

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My travel stash 
Great for calm during travel, and no worries about spilling oil in luggage.
- Review by Lena H. on 16 Feb 2024 

Full Spectrum Capsules 25 mg 
First month of using these. Prior I had been using the Sleep Gummies and Daily Wellness Gummies. I can say for sure that when taking these Appox 1-hr before going to bed has helped me greatly with getting a good night’s sleep!! Feel more rested when I wake.
- Review by Frederick M. on 15 Feb 2024 

The best capsules 
I’m not one for writing reviews, I’ve bought others that didn’t work or have other ingredients that shouldn’t be in other capsules. So far I love Charlotte's Web CBD capsules. There is only the 2 ingredients which I love easy on the stomach, especially for someone who has had gastric bypass. I will be buying on a regular bases. Absolutely love the product.
- Review by Jennifer A. on 13 Feb 2024 

Great product 
I bought these for my son who struggles with calming his mind enough to fall asleep. Very happy to report these work great for him. Will buy again!
- Review by Julia K. on 6 Jan 2024 

Quick relaxation 
I have off the charts restless leg. Within just a few minutes of taking one of these, I feel my leg(s) calming down.
- Review by Kimberly M. on 6 Dec 2023 

Amazing product!!! 
This product helps my son who has trouble sleeping!!! Amazing product!!! I fully trust Charlotte's Web!!!
- Review by Kathryn L. on 6 Nov 2023 

Calm & focused 
I take a 25mg capsule every morning. It helps keep me calm and focused throughout my day.
- Review by Janet F. on 12 Oct 2023 

Sleep better and less shoulder 
Sleep better and less shoulder discomfort.
- Review by Marsha L. on 9 Jul 2023 

25 MG capsules 
Wonderful product! Has made a positive impact in my life. I love the calmness it provides. Thank you for providing a product that's making a difference!
- Review by Sherry M. on 10 Jan 2023 

These reviews are a small sampling of the thousands of positive results we’ve received over the years. This is in part due to our commitment to quality, our mission of unearthing the science of nature to revolutionize wellness, and because our full spectrum CBD is the world's most trusted hemp extract™. Shop our line of high-quality hemp supplements and experience positive results for yourself.