Passionflower, CBD and the Science of Our Rest Gummies

Passionflower, CBD and the Science of Our Rest Gummies

Recently functional botanicals have gained popularity as a go-to ingredient for wellbeing. Today let’s talk about Passionflower, one of the key botanical ingredients in Charlotte's Web™ Rest gummies. Learn how these gummies are formulated by experts and backed by science.

The Power of Passionflower for Sleep

Organic Passionflower contains specific chemical compounds to help maintain a healthy sleep cycle, which is the foundation to wellness. Scientific studies have shown Passionflower to have calming effects and to positively impact sleep quality.

Since our goal is to enhance sleep quality naturally, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata L.) was an obvious choice for our gummies. It's also a great alternative for those sensitive to or uncertain about melatonin.

Scientifically Formulated

Each serving of Rest gummies provides 250mg of organic Passionflower (62.5mg of 4:1 extract). This amount has been tested in scientific research examining Passionflower’s effect on creating a sense of calm and sleep. In fact, a recent research study found that 60mg of Passionflower extract resulted in increased total sleep time. Every milligram of organic Passionflower in our gummies supports the objective of better sleep.

Research has also pointed to the calming and sleep promoting effects of the other active ingredient in our Rest gummies, CBD. In a recent study of adults using CBD, participants reported improvements in sleep quality when taking 25-75 mg CBD daily. The dose of CBD in each serving of these gummies may help create an increased sense of calm, improve your sleep, and help you to relax at the end of the day.

Combining Broad-Spectrum CBD and Passionflower

CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract and Passionflower form a unique partnership to improve wellbeing. The calming and sleep enhancing effects of CBD pair well with Passionflower to create a product that supports quality sleep.

Our Rest gummies represent more than just another CBD product - it is based on research geared towards optimizing your rest. With Passionflower working in sync with CBD, their combination fosters calm and tranquility.

You only get one shot at life so make the most of restful nights, invigorated mornings and discover your potential.