Here’s How We Test And Care For Our Soil, And Why It Matters…

Here’s How We Test And Care For Our Soil, And Why It Matters…

Spring is in the air, which means planting season! And while soil doesn’t initially seem like the most interesting part when discussing CBD products and where they come from, the quality of it is certainly a critical aspect that we take very seriously. We’ve developed a robust phytochemical profile in our unique, proprietary Charlotte’s Web genetics. To do this, we’ve nurtured our plants year after year to unlock their potential, and therefore what we plant them in is crucial for the overall success and health of our hemp. In order to create the most rigorous plants that will turn into the consistent, reliable CBD products — what we plant our seeds in is literally the root of our business. We have oversight over every plant at every farm, from seed to harvest and beyond. So it makes sense that we would have a similar process for our soil too. To dig deeper on the topic (pun intended), here is a little insight on how and why we tend to our soil every day, in order to prepare it for Spring:

Precious Soil

Although it may not be obvious, the soil is not an unlimited resource and therefore, should never be taken for granted. Even more so, it's also a living biome which means it should be treated with respect. Taking care of the topsoil on each farm is also the key to creating healthy crops and having bountiful harvests. If you are not taking care of the soil you are planting your seeds in, it can strangle the life out of the plants you are trying to grow. So having healthy soil that can germinate seeds quickly is the best way to avoid needing chemicals to boost plant growth.

Planting season on Charlotte's Web family farms

Cover Crops

Since the quality of our soil is the cornerstone and foundation of creating healthy, vigorous crops, keeping the soil rich and nutrient-dense, leading up to spring is key. After each harvest is done, our farmers plant cover crops to enhance the soil’s health in the wintertime instead of leaving it bare. This helps reduce the need for herbicides or pesticides, anchors the soil to prevent erosion, and converts our farms to organic fertilizers to prep the soil before the next planting season. This process helps create a “blanket” effect for our soil, as well as boosting it with “green” manure when it comes time for spring. Once winter is over, the soil can be turned over to be used for planting seeds, which then get to reap the benefits the cover plants provided.

CBD plants

Agriculture Testing

Keeping the soil healthy is more than just planting cover crops in the off-season. We also rigorously and regularly test our soil and irrigation systems to make sure it is clear of any harmful residues like metals, pesticides, or anything else that would affect the quality of our plants. Keeping up with the latest and greatest agriculture trends is a big part of keeping our green living matter healthy, so we are constantly monitoring the fields. Whether it’s on our farms in Colorado or the family farms we support in Kentucky and Oregon, we use the latest and greatest techniques in agriculture to keep all our soil ready for prime time!

Tended to by hand Charlotte's Web CBD plants