How to Relieve Lower Back Pain on Long Road Trips

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain on Long Road Trips
Dr. Jen Palmer, ND

Medically reviewed by Dr. Jen Palmer, ND -  Naturopathic Doctor

Lower back pain can be an unfortunate side effect of lengthy car trips. Extended driving impacts our back for a couple of reasons: poor posture and sitting too long in a sustained position. Thankfully, there are simple ways to reduce the uncomfortable lower back pain associated with road trips.  

We will explore some general guidelines to support you if you experience back pain while driving, as well as supplemental full-spectrum hemp extract options. 

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain From Driving: 

Before you leave, optimize your seat 

Only your body knows best how to adjust your seat for optimal comfort during long trips. Adjust your headrest for neck support, and your seat to accommodate your leg length. If you are riding in a bumpy vehicle, consider sitting on a car seat pillow or coccyx cushion for further padding.   

Sit as comfortably as possible 

Be aware of how you are seated while in the car and correct any tendency to slouch. Sit with a straight back, knees hip-width apart, and feet flat on the floor to maintain your body’s best posture. Some find that it is more comfortable to place a small pillow or a rolled-up towel between their lower back and the seat.  

Also, remember to empty your back pockets! You’d be surprised how much it can affect lower back pain while driving. Sitting with equalized weight upon the seat will help prevent discomfort throughout the trip.  

The healing power of cold and heat 

Many find that applying cold and hot compresses to their backs can help alleviate lower back pain from driving. If you bring a cooler on your trip, you can rotate ice packs out to use on your lower back. Applying cold to the back has been found to decrease inflammation while also numbing pain in the affected area. 

Cold should be applied to acute injuries (less than four weeks since the onset). If you are tending chronic back pain, applying heat can support comfort throughout your car travels. 

Take breaks and move around 

Our bodies are not designed to be sedentary, and prolonged sitting of any kind is bound to lead to discomfort. If you are known to experience lower back pain, it is wise to plan for stops every hour. Take short walks around when you make your stops.  

If you are the driver, remember that driving is deceptively tiring work. To avoid postural aches and to minimize mental fatigue, be kind to yourself, and break up your trip.  

Find stretches and exercises that can be done on the go 

If you are not able to stop and get out to move around frequently, do your best to get the blood flowing even as you remain seated. Since everything is connected spinally, look into beneficial neck and back stretches designed for sitting. Simple stretches and gentle twists can do a lot to alleviate stress on your body.  

Apply CBDMEDIC™ to support lower back pain relief

If your back needs further support, CBDMEDIC™ can help with minor back pain and can also be a soothing option for muscles under stress. Charlotte’s Web™ offers a variety of OTC topicals that incorporate ingredients such as menthol and camphor to relieve temporary back pain.

In conjunction with the aforementioned back health practices, applying a high-quality minor pain relief ointment can soothe temporary lower back pain.  

How Does CBDMEDIC™ Work for Back Pain? 

For a non-intoxicating and natural supplemental option, consider adding OTC topicals by Charlotte’s Web™ to your road trip essentials. Our new CBDMEDIC™ line offers our famous skin-conditioning, full-spectrum hemp extract now formulated with powerful OTC drug active ingredients, such as menthol, for temporary pain relief.

Apply topicals before, during, and after your road trip to support back comfort. As CBD is non-intoxicating, it will not jeopardize the safety of your driving.

Enjoy a Road Trip Free of Back Pain 

Lower back pain while driving can be enough to opt for other travel arrangements, but with the right methods, you can find some relief. At Charlotte’s Web, we are committed to providing CBD options that fit your healthy and adventurous lifestyle. Our CBDMEDIC™ back pain relief ointment is an excellent companion on the road, when you may be sitting for uncomfortable periods of time. We trust mother nature's best in the formulation of our products so that you can trust what you use for temporary, minor lower back pain relief.