The Best CBD for Couples Gift Set

The Best CBD for Couples Gift Set

Our CBD for Couple Gift Set is the perfect way to show loved ones you care. We may be biased, but we think CBD makes a fantastic gift for any spouse, friend, or family member. Here are a few reasons why:

CBD has been demonstrated to support health. This year, why not skip the chocolate, candy, and other fattening treats and get a healthy gift you can feel good about using? Studies have shown that CBD can help impart a sense of calm focus, improve your ability to deal with everyday stress, boost your body’s ability to recover from post-workout inflammation, and support healthy sleep cycles.* That’s a list of benefits that may also have an impact for your loved ones.

CBD is enjoyable to use. CBD doesn’t make you high, like marijuana does, but many people find the sense of calm and focus it creates to be quite relaxing and enjoyable. It’s also the perfect thing to take before a relaxing appointment, like going to a spa, to help you really let go and rejuvenate.

CBD isn’t a cliched gift. Do you suspect your spouse is tired of getting the same old gifts, year after year? Try something a little different this time! Many people have yet to discover the joys of CBD, which means giving a CBD for couples gift set can help open their eyes to a whole new world.

OK, we’re going to assume you’re on-board with why CBD is such a great gift. Now, here’s some advice on how to customize our CBD for couples gift set.

Customizing Your CBD for Couples Gift Set

One of the best things about this couples gift set is the fact that each element can be customized to fit the person you’re gifting it to. If you’re not sure which options to select, here are a few tips.

Choosing Your CBD Gummies

You have three types of CBD gummies to choose from:

  • Recovery CBD Gummies, which combine hemp extract with ginger and turmeric to help improve recovery from workouts*
  • Sleep CBD Gummies, which contain melatonin to help support healthy sleep cycles*
  • Calm CBD Gummies, which are infused with Lemon Balm to help support a sense of relaxation*

If none of these jumps out at you, consider trying the Sleep Gummies. They’re one of our most popular products for a reason—after all, who doesn’t wish they could sleep better every now and then?

Choosing Your CBD Oil

When choosing a CBD Oil for your gift set, you have three more choices:

You also have two flavors to choose from—Olive Oil and Mint Chocolate. Both are tasty options, so choose whatever you think your recipient will enjoy more!

Choosing Your CBD Topical

Last but not least, you get to choose one of these three topical CBD products:

  • Hemp-infused CBD cream comes in a tube and includes moisturizing elements like aloe vera and coconut oil, making it the perfect moisturizer for any part of your skin
  • Hemp-infused CBD balm comes in a tin and includes soothing menthol and peppermint oil, making it convenient for specific areas like the knuckles
  • Hemp-infused CBD balm stick also includes menthol and peppermint oil, but comes in a convenient roll-on applicator that makes it quick and easy to use

Tips for Giving a CBD for Couples Gift Set

If the recipient is unfamiliar with CBD, you might want to start them out with the beginner-friendly 17 mg CBD Oil. If they’re a regular CBD user, on the other hand, you might want to give them a stronger version of the CBD Oil.

Is the gift recipient unfamiliar with CBD? If so, consider explaining how it works and why it’s beneficial. Or, just point them toward these blog posts where they can learn some of the basics at their leisure:

Does the recipient have plans for a relaxing experience like a spa day or a massage? If so, consider giving them the CBD first and suggest that they use it before their appointment so they can experience even greater relaxation.

Who Should You Give This Gift Set To?

If you’re not sure who might be a good person to gift with our CBD for couples gift set, here are a few suggestions:

Your Own Spouse or Significant Other

Do you have trouble finding a creative and thoughtful gift for your significant other every year? If so, our CBD for couples gift set might just be the perfect option for you! Taking CBD with your partner is a wonderful way for both of you to help relax a little more so you can both be present in the moment and truly enjoy one another’s company.

Your Parents or Grandparents

There’s a chance your parents or grandparents may not be very familiar with CBD. If that’s the case, just think what a wonderfully surprising gift it could make! We find that our products are popular with people of every age, so don’t worry—even older grandparents love the benefits of our full-spectrum hemp extract.

Any Couple

This set will make a thoughtful gift for any couple in your life—regardless of whether they’re family, friends, coworkers, and more. It’s a perfect choice for anniversaries and even wedding gifts!

Finding a creative new gift for couples doesn’t have to be hard. Give your spouse, family, and friends a gift they’ll remember—give them the gift of better health, sleep, focus, and more with full-spectrum hemp extract from Charlotte’s Web.