Uncovering How to Get Over Flying Anxiety

Uncovering How to Get Over Flying Anxiety

At some point, many of us have been asked or had to face the question "how to get over flying anxiety?" This invisible opponent may seem formidable but make no mistake, it's entirely beatable. Let's uncover some solutions to conquering the feeling of anxiety during flying.  

1. Recognize Your Triggers  

To quell the feeling of anxiety, first, we need to understand what flames it. A closer look at what incites your flying anxiety will provide valuable insights. Knowledge of your triggers can allow their effective management.  

2. Embark with Information  

"Flying anxiety" thrives on ignorance and fear of the unknown. This can lead to spiraling implications of 'what ifs'. Arming yourself with knowledge forms the best line of defense. Understanding the facts may not oust your anxiety completely, but it will definitely help.  

3. Foresee your Anxiety  

Anticipatory anxiety, the anxiety we experience before flying, is often the most intense. Importantly, it does not forecast the actual anxiety levels you will experience during the flight. Ascertaining the "how to get over flying anxiety" signifies the inception of a journey towards better management of this fear.  

4. Discriminate between Fear and Danger  

Distinguishing between fear and danger can be difficult since your physiological response to both is exactly the same. Label your fear as anxiety and remind yourself that the intensity of your emotions doesn't correlate with the level of actual danger.  

5. Question the Common Sense  

Anxiety has an uncanny knack of distorting our perception and tricking us into believing that we're in danger, when in fact, we’re safe. In these instances, instead of feeding your fears, challenge them. Courage is not the absence of feeling anxious; it’s about moving past what your anxious feelings are telling you.  

6. Soothe the Turbulent Times  

Turbulence, the most common instigator of flying anxiety, can be tackled by understanding a bit more about its nature. Equip yourself with knowledge about how planes are constructed to weather turbulence and focus your energy on managing your anxiety instead of speculating about the turbulence.  

7. Talk to the Person Next to You  

It's helpful to let others around you know that you are “trying to get over flying anxiety.” Expressing your frame of mind clearly can help create a more supportive environment which can significantly cushion your flying experience.   

8. Focus on One Thing   

If you feel like your anxiety on the airplane is ramping up it’s best to calm yourself before going into fight or flight mode. One trick is to focus all your attention on one single muscle or body part. So, for example, if the flight is getting bumpy, (and you’ve already looked at the nearest flight attendant and confirmed that they have a content look on their face), proceed to focus with your eyes at the back of your hand at one specific spot. Try to feel it from the inside. Just focus on that one tendon or muscle and concentrate on how it looks and feels. Give it all of your attention and relax on it.  

9. Correct Breathing for Calm 

There are many ways to breathe and there is one effective way to calm yourself down with breath work. It is a modification of what many call Box Breathing or Square Breathing. It goes like this: breathe deep and slow and do it through your belly, not your chest. Breathe slowly in your nostrils for 4 counts and exhale slowly through your mouth for 6 counts. Repeat until you get the desired results. 

Navigating through flying anxiety might sometimes require a little extra support. Our range of CBD products may be exactly what you need. Several studies have shown that CBD may support a sense of calm during occasional anxiety.* And read this blog if your are asking yourself "can I fly with CBD?" Remember, learning to fly without fear is a gradual and personal process. Applaud your brave strides and believe in yourself that you will overcome what holds you back.