Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather

Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather

How to Stay Cool While Working Out in the Heat

For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the workouts don’t stop just because the days get hotter in the summer. Failing to prepare and properly hydrate can lead to muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, and dangerous heat stroke.

Heat stroke can occur when your core body temperature reaches 104 degrees (body overheating). Exercise-related heat stroke is the third leading cause of sudden death in sports, and about a third of heat stroke-related deaths are attributable to exercising in excessive heat conditions.

Knowing what to do to protect yourself when exercising in hot weather will keep you active during those hot months and away from the dangerous risks of excessive heat. Here’s how to prepare your body for hot summer exercise and help it recover from those strenuous workouts:

9 Tips for Working Out in the Heat

There are plenty of things you can and should do to protect your health when exercising in the summer heat. Try these tips to prepare your body for the extra strain of a hot-weather workout, stay safe during hot exercise, and help your body heal after you’re done.

  1. Hydrate. Give your body plenty of water and electrolyte-rich fluids before, during, and after a hot workout. You will sweat much more than normal when you’re exercising in hot weather, and a recent study showed that the absence of thirst does not correlate with a lack of dehydration. So keep sipping, even when you’re not thirsty.
  2. Watch the weather. Know your limitations, and avoid strenuous outdoor activity when the temperature soars too high. Many races use a flag system to indicate heat and humidity warnings. If it’s a black flag day with extreme heat and humidity, the race will be cancelled - and so should your outdoor workout.
  3. Move it indoors. When the heat and humidity are dangerously high, consider exercising indoors. Hit the gym, strengthen your core with a home pilates routine, or use that elliptical that’s taking up space in your basement.
  4. Dress for the day. If you choose to work out in the heat, wear light-colored, lightweight, loose-fitting workout clothing when exercising in the heat. The light color will deflect some of the sun’s rays, and loose fabrics will encourage sweat evaporation.
  5. Choose shade. If possible, run on trails or paths that offer some shade. Complete your circuit training or pilates workout under the cover of a tree or shade cloth. Even a little protection from the sun’s direct rays can help your body stay cooler.
  6. Avoid midday exercise. The sun is at its zenith midday, making 10 am to 3 pm the most dangerous time to exercise outside. If you can, get up early or wait until the evening hours to exercise on hot days.
  7. Try Swimming. Why not add swimming laps to your summer workout schedule? It offers a great low-impact workout, and being in the water during exercise will naturally help keep heat exhaustion at bay.
  8. Take cool showers. Not into swimming? Taking a quick, cool shower before your workout will preemptively bring your body temperature down. Showering after a hot workout also helps to cool you off and start your body’s healing process after strenuous exercise.
  9. Know the warning signs. When you start to feel dizzy, tired, and short of breath, it’s time to take a break in the shade and hydrate. These are signs of heat exhaustion, which can quickly turn into heat stroke.

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