ACFC’s Impact Philosophy

  • A commitment to equality: The club’s mission transcends beyond the boundaries of the pitch, aiming to foster wider societal change by spotlighting gender disparities and pushing for equity.
  • Community engagement: Since its inception, the club has embarked on community engagement initiatives aimed at nurturing local talents, encouraging young girls to take up the sport, and fostering a love for soccer within the community.
  • A sustainable future: From sustainable stadiums to partnerships with environmental organizations, Angel City is steering the path for a greener future in sports. 
  • A magnet for talent: Drawing seasoned professionals and budding stars alike, the club has managed to assemble a beautiful showcase of experience and youthful zest

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“Angel City FC is comprised of humans who fearlessly breakdown barriers, raise the bar and create positive change in their community. We understand the pressures of pioneering change in an industry and are proud to not only be a partner but stand beside them as they continue to make waves.”

Rita Fountain

Senior Partnerships Manager, Charlotte’s Web