CBD Oil — Is It Safe?

CBD Oil — Is It Safe?
Dr. Jen Palmer, ND

Medically reviewed by Dr. Jen Palmer, ND –  Naturopathic Doctor

From celebrities to physicians, everyone’s interest is piqued on the latest trend to hit nearly every industry: cannabidiol or CBD oil. If you are scratching your head trying to understand why this product has such a fan following — you are not alone. Though it has been on the market for a while, many are only now adopting the trend, as it becomes more widely accepted across many states in the country.

While other parts of the hemp plant have widespread use in our society already (think hemp hearts in protein supplements or spun hemp for fabric), the extract of the hemp plant was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill.

That’s why it’s likely no surprise that the benefits of CBD oil in our beauty products, health supplements, and other household staples are advertised widely. And of course, there’s a catch: lack of regulation makes it difficult to really know what you are trying.

Through experimentation and curiosity are healthy and fun, so is diligence. When implementing any new ingredient into your routine — whether you are digesting it or applying it to your body’s largest organ, your skin — it’s important to do your homework. After all, you are not only investing your time and money — this is your health, and it deserves the utmost research and attention.

Before you decide to try it out for yourself, make sure to study up on the best sources of CBD oil to ensure you are only using high-quality, trusted products. Lucky for you, we have already done the digging for you, to get you started. Here, everything you need to know about the effectiveness of this extract, the benefits of CBD, what to look for when shopping, and more.

First up, how does CBD oil work?

Regardless if you are looking for a product that will make your hair less frizzy or a mascara that will fight against clumps, most people decide to test something new once they have a goal in mind. Or more to the point: when an issue rears its head. That’s where interest begins with the CBD oil benefits, anyway: someone you know tried it and loved it, so why not give it a go? Before you get ahead of yourself, understanding the CBD effects on our body — both internally and externally — will help guide all of your purchasing decisions. And more importantly, to know if it is right for you.

The benefits of CBD oil begin with chemical properties that work in cohesion within our bodies. Or in other words, anything you consume or apply topically can affect your chemical makeup.

Still not with us? No worries. Here is a quick lesson: hemp is part of the cannabis family. This means they contain a little something called ‘phytocannabinoids’ (ya follow?). If you think back to your science classes, you will recall that ‘Phyto’ means plants, and ‘Endo’ translates to ‘within’. When we begin using CBD products, hemp’s phytocannabinoids work alongside our endocannabinoid system. Everyone has this vital structure and it helps to support homeostasis, or a stable, internal equilibrium, and overall health.

The reason CBD benefits are the talk of the town these days is thanks to how quality hemp products — like those from Charlotte’s Web —make certain rhythms easier, or improve our day-to-day activities, conditions, or issues.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Your uncle is able to concentrate easier at work. Your best friend is stunned by how much more manageable her stress levels have become. And your partner? Well, you have never witnessed him or her sleep more soundly. No matter what area of life and routine you struggle with the most, everyone is looking for a solution that will make every day issues easier. There are many companies that tout a laundry list of CBD oil benefits — but it’s important to remember hemp is nothing new. What is shifting the conversation is the modern approach on how to implement this ingredient into our lifestyle, wellness, and health goals. As more consumer interest is sparked, the more brands explore the opportunity.

Researchers continue to dive into this field of study, revealing encouraging findings regularly, and opening opportunities for development. Though there are plenty of exciting things we’re learning CBD, hemp, and other plant compounds, there are a few core benefits.

The benefits of CBD oil: Helps support a sense of calm for focus.*

Take a quick glance around you right now — what do you see? Even if you are at the office, you have a computer in front of you. A smartphone to your side. A colleague to your right. And not too far away? We bet there is a television, displaying the news of the day. While being part of a culture that is ever-connected has its perks, it can also cause us to feel scatterbrained. Just think of the seemingly never-ending stream of emails, social media likes and requests, and on-demand information… 24/7. And while work stress is definitely part of the equation, family, friends, relationships and personal responsibilities tend to pile on, too. This makes staying zeroed-in on your assignment of the day — or the hour — sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Finding balance and focus is possible though. No matter how far behind you are on a deadline — or how much struggle you feel inside — it just takes a few shifts in your routine. To wrangle your attention span and supercharge your ability to concentrate, you must keep your brain active, much like you would your body at a workout class. Eating healthy by choosing nutritious vegetables, lean proteins, and fruits help, too. Adopting a wellness practice — like meditation or yoga — will also improve your mind’s endurance.

Last but not least, CBD oil and our CBD gummies for calm can also help to support focus and bring about a sense of calm. When your calendar is overbooked and your phone won’t stop alerting you to every digital update, a daily serving is a great addition to your supplement routine for healthy brain habits.

The benefits of CBD oil: It can support relief from everyday stresses.*

While it is often true when one door closes, a window appears — sometimes that window is rusted shut and you spend an hour trying to pry it open. Though a worry-free, totally-zen life is a hope for most people, stress creeps into everyone’s life, no matter how fulfilled you normally feel. From an unusually stressful period at the office to complications within your relationship or about of family troubles, you may feel overwhelmed. We have all had those moments in life where it feels as if everything is going wrong. And sure, it might be — but there is always a way forward.

When this is the case, practicing breathing techniques to pull out when you need them can be a game-changer. Forcing yourself to disconnect from social media and spend more time living in the right-here and the right-now will allow you to worry less about tomorrow and invest in today. For when you can’t seem to catch your breath, talking with your best friend, a family member you love or even a therapist can be beneficial, too.

Much like when you can’t seem to concentrate, exercise can alleviate your angst, too. Another way to feel more aligned when stress skyrockets are by implementing a CBD oil habit at nighttime. This can help support the management of normal, everyday stresses that pop up during the day, naturally and effectively.

The benefits of CBD oil: Helps support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation.*

Once you find a style of fitness that makes your heart race in a fulfilling way, it’s hard to stop. And why should you? Maintaining consistent exercise, no matter if you choose Pilates, running, boxing, or something else entirely, is a vital part of your overall health and vitality. But with any type of movement that challenges your body, your muscles experience small tears in their tissues. As they heal, you build strength. This is a natural part of the process and is what causes that next-day soreness and post-sweat inflammation.

Sometimes when you overdo it, however, you could experience more pain, swelling, or redness than you anticipated. Most people will support the healing process by choosing antioxidant-rich foods, taking ice baths, getting a massage, or another anti-inflammatory measure. Another route, according to many studies, is to use CBD oil or our CBD gummies for recovery as part of your exercise routine. When used regularly, it can help support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation.*

The benefits of CBD oil: to support healthy sleep cycles.*

We have all been there: it’s far past your bedtime and you still haven’t arrived for your date with the sandman. Your mind is racing, your heart is trying to keep up and you can’t seem to shake your stresses. It’s a frustrating experience that many battle consistently — and one that can have a major impact on your health. The amount of quality sleep we reap every night makes a difference in our performance at work, our patience with ourselves and others, and our overall mood. Even so, few professionals prioritize sleep hygiene… and choose to watch *just one* more episode of their latest binge show.

However, turning off that screen and closing your eyes signals your mind to simmer down and prepare for slumber. Transforming your bedroom from an all-stop-shop that hosts dinners and conference calls to an oasis designed for rest will make your bed that much more alluring. Though you are likely more than old enough to dictate your own schedule, giving yourself a bedtime and wake-up time — and actually sticking to it — will help regulate a cycle. Certain supplements, like CBD oil, when taken before you crawl under the covers every night, will also give you a helping hand toward sleep, too. Check out our new Gummies for sleep blended with melatonin.

Is CBD oil safe?

With these impressive benefits and multi-use solutions, it is natural to be curious about CBD effects. For first-time users, the learning curve on how to get started and how to consume CBD oil is steep. Because you want to be mindful and considerate about any shift in your system, you should start small and simple. Those who have never used oils of any kind or have little experience with hemp may not know what to expect or how it will feel in their minds and bodies.

Generally speaking, CBD oil is safe — but here is when being a picky shopper pays off. A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of various options from a range of retailers, it is smarter to only buy from an online destination you trust.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has clear guidelines for producing, labeling, and selling CBD oil. Though manufacturers and retailers can still try to dupe consumers who don’t know exactly what to look for in a product. Many labels may claim to have a certain percentage of CBD or hemp, but upon further investigation, fall short of their promise. If you sample a faulty blend and see no difference in your stress levels or sleep, you are less likely to try again. That’s why research is necessary and important.

The good news is you never have to worry about that with Charlotte’s Web. Because we use limited, selected ingredients, we can ensure our products go above and beyond in terms of quality and effectiveness. In fact, we make nothing less than the absolute best hemp supplement we can. We’ll also try to help educate you along the way. Since every person is different with a varied amount of cannabinoid receptors, this means while some people may see results right away, it can take 30-60 days for others to notice a change. Our recommendation is to give your body time to respond since the ECS (that’s our Endocannabinoid System) works on saturation. This makes time your friend — and if after a few weeks you’re ready to upgrade, you can test out another strength of CBD oil.

Once you explore CBD benefits, you will be inclined to learn more about this all-star hemp extract. At Charlotte’s Web, our dedication to the best-of-the-best starts from the moment we grow our hand-tended plants by providing them with fresh, clean water. These blooms are grown using organic and responsible farming methods on family farms scattered throughout the United States. We are always looking for new areas to expand but we are proud to currently be in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon.

Our founders developed their superior genetics to be high in CBD while also featuring a blend of phtyocompounds. Why does this matter? Charlotte’s Web extract yields very high concentrations of quality phytocompounds from very little raw material. Every step is quality-tested and assured, from seed to bottle to sale.

The bottom line is CBD oil benefits are plenty — but choosing top-tier products is key. No matter if you are a newbie or you are a long-time fan and advocate for hemp and CBD, a little research can go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your experience. We all hope to make daily life easier, happier, and healthier — and with the right tools and trusted products, you’re halfway there.