Create Your Action Plan for Rebalance

Create Your Action Plan for Rebalance

Our in-house certified holistic health coach, Tamarah Saif, has some next steps to help you progress as you rebalance towards your next best self:

Hello again.  Thanks for checking back in with me.  Now that you’ve taken the time to complete the Sphere of Life exercise (if you haven’t taken it yet, here is a link to the previous post) and have had some time to reflect, you’re ready to develop a plan to address the areas of unbalance.  Ultimately, you want to build a plan to get your sphere as close to what you do want it to look like. What is your overall intention in achieving Rebalance?  Is it to be able to have a happy, loving home environment or to be able to be healthy enough to dance at your daughter’s wedding? Creating your Rebalance Action Plan is simple, acting on it is the harder part.  But I have some steps for you to take to support you with that.

Let’s start by writing down what your balanced sphere looks like to you for 2019. This is your vision, something a bit (or a lot) future-focused AND important to you as you think about your completed Sphere of Life.  Remember this is what balance looks like for you at this point in your life.  It can and will change over time.  Your overall vision should point you to the areas you want to focus on for your Rebalance Action Plan.  Note that your plan could be based on the next 3, 6, or 12 months. That is up to you. This doesn’t have to be a sprint, it can be more of a marathon.

Next is to work on the plan itself.   Here are the three steps:

  1. Based on your vision, choose the areas you want to work on.
  2. Identify up to three specific actions you can take to bring more satisfaction and balance for each area you want to work on. Those actions should be attainable, but challenging.  And maybe something that will get you out of your comfort zone. You can do great things when you step out of that zone!
  3. Prioritize the actions you believe are most important for balance. If you’re having trouble prioritizing or the list seems overwhelming, take a minute and think about what improvements you should make versus ones you need to make for balance. Then determine the smallest action you could take to get you started.

And that’s it… for writing the basic plan at least.  Now for a couple of tips to help you act on the plan:

  1. Make sure your actions are realistic and assign some time frames to them.  Put these due dates on your calendar and set reminders along the way.
  2. Determine what support you need, if any, from others to make the needed improvements to increase your level of satisfaction and balance in the areas you are focusing on.  Ask a friend to help hold you accountable for your actions (or lack of).
  3. Use the Five-Minute Journal, a part of our Rebalance Bundle, to write out daily affirmations associated with your overall vision.  Affirmations are powerful. They are statements of what you want in your life and the more you write them out the more you believe.

Here’s a real-life example of my own from this past week:  I wrote out an affirmation about being “powerful beyond my imagination” and I was then able to figure out how to move heavy furniture on my own… I’m not suggesting you try to move heavy furniture on your own at all, but after writing the affirmation I truly believed I could figure it out using both brains and a little bit of brawn.

Okay, time for you to get started writing your Rebalance Action Plan.  Take at least 15 minutes away from distractions and write out your actions. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Until next time,

- Tamarah