REBALANCE: The Toolkit to help you all year long

REBALANCE: The Toolkit to help you all year long

We don’t need to make huge changes to make meaningful changes in our lives.

Science, like the type discussed in James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, shows us that we can improve our life significantly by creating habits based on small and easy actions.

The end of one year and the beginning of another is a natural time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we want to go.  We see what worked and what didn’t, and we start to plan for new ways to achieve different results in those areas that need a little adjusting. Sometimes just a gentle rebalancing of things in our life--letting some new habits in and letting others go--brings the powerful change we so dearly seek.

This entire month we are supporting the Charlotte’s Web family with tips and guides designed to REBALANCE life in positive ways: emotionally, mentally, and physically. Over the next weeks we’ll bring you:

  1. Personal development guidance from our very own in-house life coach and head of HR, Tamarah Saif, including a guided self-audit to help you find personal balance in 2019.
  2. An easy and actionable way to bring gratitude and small, meaningful habits into your daily life via the Five-Minute Journal (bundled and discounted with our top products!).

Charlotte's Web Rebalance Toolkit includes the Five Minute Journal

  1. Free science-backed games and meditations care of a partnership with Brainturk designed to improve memory, cognition, and mental clarity and keep you on the top of your game all year long.

Big changes happen with small steps, and we want to support you all along the way. Stay tuned to our blog, socials, and emails for more tips, encouragement, and guidance.