The Science Behind Using Beet Root, Green Tea, and CBD in Our Endurance Gummies

The Science Behind Using Beet Root, Green Tea, and CBD in Our Endurance Gummies

We live in an age where the connection between nature and personal well-being is powerfully interlinked. When we set out to create Charlotte's Web™ Endurance gummies, we knew we wanted to harness this connection. Enter, Beet Root – an unassuming vegetable, yet it is a functional botanical with a deep-seated power tailored perfectly for athletic performance or whatever you need endurance for.

Beet Root for Athletic Performance

To understand the important contribution of Beet Root in our Endurance gummies, it’s essential to dive into the science and on how it helps performance. There are 200 mg of Beet Root (Beta vulgaris) Extract, standardized to 25% Betaine Nitrate, in each 2-gummy serving. These nitrates increase nitrogen dioxide in your bloodstream during a workout, enhancing the flow of oxygen and blood to your muscles and propelling your endurance levels.

Benefits of Nitrates

These claims are backed by evidence from numerous studies demonstrating that nitrate supplementation amplifies the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. The effect? A reduction in the oxygen cost of exercise which delays fatigue onset. This nitrogen dioxide advantage has far-reaching impacts, enhancing performance, whether you’re a pro-athlete striving for perfection or just someone aiming get the most from their workout.

Embracing these insights, our challenge was clear – to incorporate this scientifically backed beneficial nitrate dosage into a gummy that’s as convenient as it is tasty. Our research led us to a golden range of daily nitrate intake – between 30-240 mg, as revealed by studies on coronary artery vasodilation. Each serving has been crafted to contain 50 mg of nitrates. With the guideline of two servings daily, you receive 100 mg of nitrates – an optimal dosage that mirrors the research while enhancing your workout.

These aren’t just Beet Root gummies. Beet Root is one part of our powerful trifecta. Our Endurance gummies also include the functional botanicals Green Tea and CBD, which have their unique roles in amplitude and balance during your workout.

Organic Green Tea for Energy

Moving from the earthly root to the sprightly leaves, let’s now turn our attention to the second powerhouse of our blend: Organic Green Tea. Each serving contains 75 mg of Organic Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Extract that is standardized to 20% Caffeine (15 mg Caffeine per serving). This amount of caffeine offers a gentle yet effective energy lift for your workout. And don’t worry, we’ve moderated the caffeine level to suit even those with sensitivities, those juggling caffeine from multiple sources, or those preferring a low caffeine regime.

Scientifically Balanced With CBD

Now, let’s bring it all together with the final ingredient: CBD. Each serving contains 25 mg of CBD from organic broad-spectrum hemp extract and balances the formula. So, while the nitrates from the Beet Root and the caffeine from the Green Tea support pushing you forward, the CBD helps by supporting a sense of calm.

Formulated By Experts

Our Endurance gummies are created with the perfect botanical blend: the heightened performance from Beet Root, the energy stream from green tea and the balance provided by CBD. These gummies aren’t just another product on the shelf. They are meticulously designed after careful research, to help you push your limits and improve your workouts.

Remember, life hands you no dress rehearsal: so, embrace the momentum, take control, and let our Endurance gummies be the fuel for your journey to greatness.