Tongue Tied for The Right Reasons

Tongue Tied for The Right Reasons

To the Charlotte's Web community and to folks who want to learn more about CBD and hemp extract,

We’d like to have a heart-to-heart about something that is always on our mind and that we’d like you to know.

You might notice something missing from blog posts and our responses to comments on our blog and social media channels. Namely, details about what Charlotte's Web products do for specific health issues.

We are not trying to be generic or evasive.

Our silence on this topic is an act of caring and having our customers’ best interest at heart.

How can that be?

To be in good standing with the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) regulations, we simply cannot speak about our product in relation to any disease.

You might find it interesting that our compliance with FDA regulations is not because our products come from hemp (our products comply with all applicable State and Federal regulations).  We keep mum because, as a dietary supplement, we follow rules that govern all supplements and disease claims.

These strict guidelines come with severe penalties and we’re not willing to risk your access to our CBD oil products. We abide by these policies, for the good of each and every person taking Charlotte’s Web.

The bottom line - regardless of the amount of research-backed studies on cannabinoids, the FDA could revoke our ability to sell Charlotte Web if they felt we were speaking too specifically about the way our proprietary extract may benefit your health. And with that, we've nearly said too much.

What can you do?

Become a valuable voice in your community. Our customers and followers can respond to each other in comments on our blog and social media. While we're not allowed to endorse any testimonials (more FDA restrictions), you can share your personal experience with others, or ask other Charlotte's Web users how they incorporate our extracts into their health protocols.

Follow us on social media. A good deal of community chatter happens on different social media channels. Also, we’re continually sharing content around general health and wellness that can boost your routine.

Keep reading our blog. There’s tons of helpful information right at your fingertips. Check out posts that will give you a foundational understanding of hemp-derived CBD extracts like Charlotte's Web: The Endocannabinoid System, The Difference Between Hemp, Marijuana, and Charlotte's Web, When Will I See Results From Charlotte's Web, and more.

We want you to find answers to your questions. Your healthy journey is incredibly valuable to other community members as they go through their own. Help us help others learn the truth about CBD.


Your Charlotte’s Web Family