Tips and Tricks for Reaching Your Wellness Goals

Tips and Tricks for Reaching Your Wellness Goals

How will you achieve your health and wellness goals? Here are 7 ways!

#1 De-stress, get calmer and focused. 

Meditation has become so popular and prevalent that you may feel like everyone is tapped into some cool chill energy that you’re somehow missing out on. Getting started isn’t hard, per se, but it can be perplexing to figure out how exactly to jump in. Well thankfully, there’s an app for that. Many in fact. Headspace and the 10% Happier apps are just two popular ones that guide the way.

Tip: While meditation and visualization exercises are great ways to increase focus and foster more calm in your daily life, our Calm gummies can help to ease everyday stresses*.

#2 Get more & better sleep

Not getting the sleep you want? You're not the only one. Dr. Mahmet Oz, who helped to commission the largest consumer sleep survey with America’s Sleepscore program says, “Sleep is the most under-appreciated health crisis in America.” The survey revealed that seventy-nine percent of Americans are getting less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night. The good news is that there's a whole industry dedicated to helping you get your Zzzz's. Here are a few suggestions to help you get your doze on:

  • Are you sleeping on a lumpy mattress or pillow, if so, it's time to upgrading your sleep gear?
  • Do a sheet check - synthetic fibers can trap moisture, making for a sweaty sleep, while cotton naturally absorbs moisture and stays cooler against the skin.
  • Speaking of cool - the National Sleep Foundation recommends temps between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleeping. Going above or below that could lead to restless sleep.
  • Be aware of your pre-sleep schedule. Benefit from the process of disconnecting from bright blue light from electronics, and starting to slow down and prepare body and mind for slumber. Start by using low lighting in the evenings, turning all screens off by 9 pm, and spending a little offline time reading to see if sleep comes that much easier in the next hour or so.

Tip: Consider trying our Stay Asleep CBN gummies or our Sleep gummies with CBD and melatonin to support quality sleep.

#3 Eat more whole foods and superfoods

If this goal feels familiar, it might be because you— like most of us—keep trying to attain it...year after year. Why not use some easy online resources to put real whole foods at your fingertips? Build yourself a clean eating digital healthy recipe folder by following popular bloggers like Nom Nom Paleo, 101 Cook Books, or Running On Real Food.  Not only will you try new, delicious recipes that support your goal, but meal planning cuts down on shopping stress and impulse eating.

Tip: Sample these 10 superfoods and start eating what tastes best to you on a regular basis.

#4 Set health milestones and find exercise that you enjoy

Before you hit start on the treadmill just to find yourself bored in two weeks, take a second to think of the psychology of your activity time. A workout doesn't have to be a chore; reframe it to be your fun break in the day. Start by choosing an activity that you *want* to do. Does paddle boarding sound cool? Go for it. Is boxing way more interesting than the elliptical machine? Um, yeah. But don’t take our word for it, do what makes YOU happy.

Goal setting is also a way to get yourself moving. Check out fun runs, half marathons, or some other group event happening in the next 4 months in locations that are alluring. You’ll have time to start training, plus extra fuel for the workout if you’re looking forward to achieving this health goal AND visiting a new city.

And sure, maybe it's more cost-effective to pop in a workout video, but if you work long hours, realize that this might also be your time for a little human interaction, and for that reason, a spin or yoga class might be a worthwhile investment (in both your mental AND physical health).

Tip: Bounce back faster from sore muscles. Try our Recovery gummies with Ginger and Turmeric or our NSF Certified for Sport® recovery gummies with Tart Cherry to help with recovery from exercise-induced inflammation.

# 5 Finally learn how to balance work and life!

Time to make self-care a real priority, not just a stressful item on the to-do list. But how?! Since self-care has so many facets, it can be daunting to undertake. Enlisting the help of a professional health coach for a month or two may kick start this health goal. If that's not in the budget, sit down to identify what "self-care" and "work-life balance" *really* means to you. Write out all your thoughts, concerns, worries, and aspirations to see what's on your mind. Realize that even small moments can bring you a sense of peace - like scheduling time to catch up with an old friend for coffee, or giving yourself permission to leave work at a reasonable time. Maybe just saying NO to social invitations in favor of a little alone time.

Tip: When at home, learn to leave work at work. And be present in the moment when at home. Engage with your family with active listening and forget about your job, because that work will be there tomorrow. No need to emotionally invest in something like a stack of paperwork when your family is sitting in front of you!

# 6 Figure out the best way to integrate vitamins and supplements

Most of us want to feel as healthy as possible, but figuring out how to achieve that can be perplexing.  If just starting to add vitamins and supplements into your routine, consider getting your vitamin levels tested to see where your body is lacking, and in what. Working with a functional doctor or health coach can provide guidance on not how to get started and track what's working. Don't forget to go straight to the source! Whole fruits and vegetables are a great source of health and wellness, naturally.

Tip: And, speaking of whole plants, Charlotte's Web whole hemp extracts contain a range of phytocannabinoids that work with the body's endocannabinoid system, a vast and vital receptor network that helps the body maintain its healthy balance. You can choose between oil and capsule supplements at different concentrations to best suit you. A top key for CW success is establishing a consistent supplement routine and one that will help you to evaluate how your CW concentration is working for your health needs.

#7 Clean up my skincare cabinet with plant-based alternatives

Let 2024 be the year you ditch harsh chemicals! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) produces consumer guides and ranks thousands of health and beauty products in their Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

Tip: And, if you didn't already know, our Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream was specially formulated with essential oils and no toxic emulsifiers, using all-natural oleosomes instead.

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